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Global Day of Climate Action


Fridays For Future announced that on September 25, environmental groups, climate advocates, and activists all over the world will hold the Global Day of Climate Action.This event will happen to continue the pressure on the carbon majors and the government to act immediately to the current climate crisis. The event also aims to push forward the different demands of the public, such as the just shift to renewable energy sources, immediate response to the climate crisis, declaring a climate emergency, and condemning the deaths of environmental defenders all over the world.

In support of the global community and the nation-wide strikes organized by Youth Advocates for Climate Action Philippines and other environmental groups, we are having a local-based event wherein the youth of our town, Villasis, will be made aware of the current climate crisis and be involved in the climate discussion and policymaking.

On September 25, a Villasis Event for the Global Day of Climate Action will be held digitally. The youth can attend various activities set throughout the day.


  • To raise the public’s awareness, especially of the youth, regarding the climate crisis and other problems linked to it.
  • To involve the youth in the conversation regarding the environmental crisis
  • To inspire the youth to join the climate movement.
  • To empower the youth to take part in doing necessary actions that are environmentally-anchored.
  • To demand the government to uphold and implement the NCCAP and the respective LCCAPS and abide by the Paris Agreement.


  • Interconnectedness of the climate crisis and other societal problems.
  • Systemic response to the different societal problems.
  • Individual actions are still essential.
  • Youth involvement is important.
  • Defend the Defenders who are risking their lives.


Climate Crisis Webinar

Strike Slogan Making

Youth Eco-Initiative Launch

Digital Climate Strike

Event Outcome

Thank you very much to everyone who participated. Until the next Global Day of Climate Action!

Don’t hesitate to respond to the call for climate action.

Continue fighting climate injustice!

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